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世界咖啡师大赛(墨尔本)冠军Pete Licata台词以及视频地址

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  1:36 Start time

  1:38 Dictators

  1:39 Israel coalitions chancellor from top to bottom

  1:44 Hi everyone

  1:45 Chris really great

  1:47 Contributor

  1:49 Probable back beginning of my career in part

  1:53 In two thousand three

  1:54 We often focused on the many hands in the chain of the people would touch can

  1:59 Affect our coffee before we ever got it

  2:03 And at that time

  2:04 I couldn't really understand what that really meant because i was relatively

  2:08 Inexperienced in the coffee industries

  2:11 But since that time

  2:13 I've had some really amazing first-hand experiences at multiple levels of the

  2:17 Coffee chain

  2:19 And it's given me perspective

  2:20 On how you and i as copy professionals

  2:24 Fit into that Shane

  2:26 And how we can to wreck the impact of coffee

  2:28 Saturday a lot of go a little bit work in depth

  2:31 Into the chain of hands of people to look back at the coffee table and

  2:34 Tasting today

  2:37 I'm going to start with the first person in action

  2:40 I'd like to think of him as a part of a turd a potential

  2:43 He's the farmer

  2:45 And his name is arnav oleg was on one

  2:48 He won the two thousand eleven cup of excellence in colombia

  2:52 But i think what i didn't seek out his copy because he was a cup of excellence

  2:57 Aside as copy because he's doing very intentional forming processes

  3:01 The directing impact the flavor of this copy

  3:04 So for example

  3:05 These are forcing bright picking an extra sorting at the new york

  3:09 Because this is to ensure a selection of the foremost fully developed

  3:14 Furniture seats they're going to have more

  3:16 Carbohydrates ensures available in them

  3:19 And that is ultimately going to be to a sweeter cup of coffee

  3:24 He's also doing

  3:26 uwec fermentation and he's chosen this over other methods

  3:30 Because he likes what it does to the flavor of his coffee

  3:34 Specifically

  3:36 A fifteen to twenty hour fermentation

  3:38 He's doing fortified for reasons that works to make sure that the the seeds

  3:43 Are completely free of his life

  3:45 Artistic freedom or fight

  3:47 And clarity of this city

  3:50 He's also got me through the court cult copper drying patios were taken brought

  3:54 Cover

  3:55 Over the copy as it dries

  3:57 And he's doing a specifically

  3:59 To bring out the more complex the city

  4:02 In this copy

  4:04 Both with a search for reviewing

  4:06 Have a lot of good information are an awful as well as the farm

  4:09 As some flavor notes for my stress all be serving shortly

  4:12 But if it is preparing the shots for my signature drink

  4:15 And get back to you

  4:16 Filled with more

  4:20 Soon education

  4:22 Computer contributor

  4:25 Fifteen

  4:26 March or some perspective time

  4:28 As a houston's of amendments instances in the clinton presidency work on these

  4:35 Instruments with cancer

  4:36 Desperately-needed hamburger handle it looked like he was making millions of

  4:42 Users the disgusted and i think that's shocked and saddened amazed by the ended

  4:50 Going into the sixties and to determine the symptoms and demands clinton's the

  5:00 Lists was such a talented

  5:03 Dot certainly be for my signature drink

  5:09 Militancy on the ice bath here

  5:10 Popular culture

  5:13 I've told you how our local has affected the coffin tells me to tell you what

  5:17 What rights cases of a recent at what you should stand

  5:21 At the consumer stopping

  5:23 I'll tell you that right off the bat i could just beautiful

  5:26 Windmill aromatic

  5:29 And literary tastes

  5:32 Bread

  5:33 uh...

  5:35 It's vibrant as you see

  5:37 But also to get acted like sweetness is rich in its heavy

  5:42 All over

  5:43 Really taste is copied fought for ten x sensation

  5:47 It's very similar to how you want something that you experience when you

  5:50 Taste or red wine

  5:51 I think it's just beautiful

  5:53 Let me tell you i don't think twenty grams and the political terms

  5:57 I'm going to be extracting thirty grams of the costs

  6:00 And this is with its deficit with express intention of pulling it off

  6:03 The best elsa flavors favorite represents

  6:06 What are not for those that were discussing get the shots and get a taste

  6:11 Forty peters

  6:12 Given justice charges even more information north america

  6:17 Enough details and i mentioned uh... amount of time

  6:21 It would involve experiments

  6:23 Workbooks consultants

  6:27 Wagner

  6:29 Clinton at the sports nuclear accuses missus clinton was a bit later on in the

  6:33 Performance police detectives happened at the level with chinese sticker the

  6:37 Strings

  6:40 Campaigns justbooks simple

  6:43 We could see where you've got the composite making symptoms description

  6:46 Qty pc solutions which is what he thinks it begins with a legitimate things and

  6:52 Sometimes because he doesn't seem to speak

  6:56 He's going to have a lot of knowledge that we talked about the correctness of

  6:58 The copy cheery being connected to this week with appropriate please for the

  7:03 Next day

  7:04 Henry about them and quite a lot

  7:12 Views of the

  7:13 He's given the uh... project is the quote

  7:16 Action reference for successful as he has

  7:23 Fisher

  7:29 Character whose described husbands lost

  7:35 Democrats claim

  7:36 Eastern time

  7:38 Balance

  7:40 King and dr

  7:41 Instrumentation

  7:43 Elements

  7:44 Swimmers build spotted possibilities that unique dry

  7:48 Carriers

  7:50 Tonight he has a huge interest in this book sixteen thousand that deliverance

  7:54 Ingredient portugues japanese chinese terrific including perhaps it seems like

  7:59 Consists of course the experts and reviews in hawaii regarded sees her

  8:03 Pants

  8:04 Crystallize

  8:07 United states greater feats of tension

  8:10 Exactly what causes impacting on the cabinet

  8:13 Understands about uh... sweater

  8:16 Something like dr

  8:18 Due to the top deputies profile option for them

  8:22 Busy sometimes nervous meeting

  8:25 Asking for a

  8:27 Make decisions

  8:30 Does seem to be demonstrated understanding

  8:35 Decisions sister harmony

  8:43 Distorted his testicles

  8:44 Kissing sound

  8:46 Contingents considered conceded

  8:49 Effectiveness

  8:51 Celestial please come chat rooms

  8:53 And she said no to expand

  8:55 Mortality stanley missus bobbitt officers arrested

  8:59 Unless the disease

  9:01 With the shape of the iceberg process

  9:04 Matsumoto out

  9:06 Skill sets the scene gauging most attractive financing to do this

  9:12 In the eye

  9:14 Relating directly

  9:22 In scotland capability

  9:25 Practice for the two nd

  9:26 Kisses besides which i think that it's is completed

  9:29 Dates as prostitutes is worse because what you believe the contestant began

  9:33 Split aggressively today

  9:37 Attachment to two pieces of the most challenges gently steve palermo

  9:42 Guns like i think that's critical speech was a bit of antecedents prison system

  9:48 The species most recently

  9:49 Paternalism

  9:51 Considered recruiting

  9:54 Most of the vehicle

  9:58 Signal for captains for the future

  10:01 Syracuse new york

  10:04 Definitely some potential candidate of change purchase decisions

  10:09 You've got a few notes

  10:10 I'll tell you to look first caramel

  10:12 Signals

  10:13 Milk chocolate

  10:15 And that's because i think the costa disheartened

  10:18 Twenty two grams and the basket

  10:20 Ten thirty five grams in the cops

  10:22 Businesses with the intention of doing yard work five sweetness

  10:26 That are in the coffee because the acidity just tasted

  10:29 This lady subdued by the milk fats and sugars

  10:33 Now if you saw your booklets john welch is our rose three eight three z coffee

  10:37 And i had the opportunity

  10:39 And pleasure of working directly with him

  10:42 In developing the growth profile for this copy

  10:45 If you see below this picture

  10:46 There's a graph is a representation

  10:48 Of the birthing process

  10:50 Says in very simple terms

  10:53 Time the temperature increase in roast

  10:56 Said he was in a city from the farms and a decrease in presence

  10:59 And the body

  11:00 And sweetness there from the roast tended to increase to a certain degree

  11:05 Balancing these two elements

  11:07 Is one of the major ways dobro stearic indirectly impact the flavors

  11:13 Health we also have a look at the far right

  11:16 Into terror

  11:18 And the elevation of seventeen hundred and fifty meters

  11:22 That this copy was maturing very slowly and ended up as a heartbeat

  11:27 We had to start with the low temperature control

  11:29 Before then increasing the temperature

  11:31 Begin finalization

  11:33 And for developing the plague this copy

  11:35 These injuries

  11:37 Who writes and lives in this is an interesting

  11:40 Seventeenth repeat his two years ago fifteen

  11:44 Undefeated in bogota

  11:52 Done before

  11:55 Stop now

  11:56 Impenetrable farmer

  11:58 Harrisburg pa growth

  12:02 As a person teenage boys is about

  12:06 Significant movement i think you can sit in judgment of conviction

  12:10 Bill clinton to implement the pentagon had been convicted

  12:13 Policeman different challenges and people do want to move to different

  12:16 Things

  12:18 People who have children too

  12:21 Conspicuous in kansas city

  12:25 Use of the two of them have been exposure to exclude company presentation

  12:29 There it's gorgeous it's nice to talk about

  12:40 You will see a picture of me because i think that we have a person

  12:44 You will see some great information about my signature drink

  12:49 At this point in our copy chain

  12:51 High is the restart

  12:53 The voice of this copy

  12:55 Because i represent everyone who has affected this topic before me

  12:58 At the same time

  12:59 I have to give

  13:00 My own characteristics turmoil methods and techniques

  13:03 So for my signature drink i want to focus on that original extraction

  13:07 Twenty grams laporta filter

  13:09 Thirty eight grams in the car

  13:11 Because i think that this best

  13:13 Showcases did density what this coffee really is

  13:19 I've already affected this by chilling the espresso

  13:22 That's gonna change our perception when we taste

  13:25 City more on the senate side

  13:28 Lucidity

  13:29 Is what are not was so intense

  13:31 Because of the things coughing

  13:33 Now by also want to affect the story

  13:36 Through the use

  13:37 Of ingredients

  13:38 At the beginning of my presentation he saw me making this

  13:41 Which is upon sugar simple syrup

  13:44 Culture here is simply that rights output date palm tree

  13:47 But i decided to use this because it has a richmond heavy sweetness

  13:51 And it's reminiscent

  13:52 Up the sweetness and the product that we've experienced in the original

  13:55 Espresso

  13:57 Sweetness and body purple characteristics that john worked so hard

  14:00 To unlocking the stuff

  14:02 Now just like every copy that i prepared

  14:05 Quiet character issue

  14:06 I'd also want to add character and complexity to migrate what i'm doing

  14:10 That with this

  14:12 Non-alcoholic bidders

  14:14 Is made with orange peel lemon grass and quinine

  14:17 The orange peel lemon grass are going to give overall secure characteristic

  14:22 That is going to enhance that great like acidity

  14:26 And that when i was gonna give an overall

  14:28 Balance and requested to do it

  14:31 As i stir this together

  14:33 It's would allow me to mix the ingredients its way to preserve that is

  14:36 Through the day of the city

  14:37 Street in taiwan

  14:39 And it's all going to give you control diversion for the melting of the ice

  14:42 Cubes

  14:43 This small amount of water

  14:44 Is going to give me just enough space

  14:47 For all of these injuries to work well together and play together

  14:51 It's also going to make a cool refreshing drinks

  14:54 And as you taste i'd like you to look for that great like the city

  14:58 Now being accentuated by those sutures knows that i doubt it

  15:02 Look for that date like sweetness from the espresso

  15:05 Now will be coming through

  15:07 Being complimented by the polish trigger that added to it

  15:11 It's gonna come through more like chocolate and body as well as in

  15:14 Sweetness

  15:17 Now also

  15:18 There's a nice rounded

  15:20 Balancing complex it is coming from the quinine the bidders

  15:25 All of these things together

  15:28 Are a way that i feel but i can truly

  15:31 Enhance

  15:32 Accentuate

  15:34 All the components that work in the suspects originally

  15:37 As the voice that this copy

  15:40 High also

  15:41 Have the responsibility

  15:43 Cup resenting it to the final set of hands in this change

  15:46 And today

  15:48 Those hairs are yours

  15:50 For the third day

  15:51 Dozens of yours

  15:54 I'd like to say on behalf have john

  15:57 Are not full

  15:58 Myself

  15:59 And many other market professionals affected his coffee

  16:02 Fleets

  16:04 Because we worked so hard to bring up the best in this copy so you can do

  16:10 Polarized brings it all together

  16:17 Habitat is really get what is it more that you will go for the first

  16:20 Restrictions don't just happen to somebody who can be hard to get these

  16:23 Clues to the stage conceptually that's

  16:27 Alright and seconds he spends his time

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